The "Start and Develop a Company with Venture Company" workshop was held on June 4 at Fondazione la Fornace dell'Innovazione di Asolo in the framework of INCO-NET.
The workshop addressed, from different perspectives, the issue of financing of companies and innovative start-ups with a high potential for growth both with Public and Private Venture Capital.
Dr Enzo Pietropaoli, Head of Investments at Veneto Sviluppo. introduced the financial position of the Veneto region, illustrating how it operates and what tools are offered to small and medium businesses. Among them, there's "Venture Capital Fund", operating since 2013, with a total budget of 35 million euro (20 by 15 by Veneto Sviluppo and the Veneto Region-European Union). The selection process has a duration ranging from 4 to 6 months and has been so far financed SMEs for a total of 11 million Euros.

Tiziano Busin, presented its VeNetWork, an important institution in the Veneto region. VeNetWork, is in fact a joint stock company with private capital, founded by 42 entrepreneurs from Veneto. The purpose of VNW is the promotion of an enterprise culture through the funding and development of new business ideas. The wide range of experience and expertise of the members are the main source of provision of VNW.

After these first two interventions was the turn of IAG, with engineers Franco Bocchini and Andrea Gaiba, both members of Italian Angels for Growth, which now has 115 members, and is in fact the most important Business Angels organization in the country. IAG aims to fund projects in early stage phase that have a high level of innovation and growth potential. IAG invests in start-ups and young companies (generally from 0 to 2 million € turnover in) that have a high potential for growth and scalability, making it possible to arrive at least around € 5-10 million in revenue in the third-fifth year. Even for them, the team is a key factor in the selection of the company in which to invest. The amount varies from about 300,000 to 800,000 €, with willingness to participate in co-investment to round up to 2 million €.

Thanks to the experience gained during this workshop "INNOVIERBAR & KOOPERIERBAR", Fondazione la Fornace dell'Innovazione identified two strategic topics of study:
1. Loans and public calls for the Start-Up
2. Elevator Pitch: learn how to present their company to potential investors.

This workshop pointed out how collaboration between organisations such as Fondazione la Fornace is important to foster networking between start-ups and investors.