Equity Crowdfunding Workshop


Held in Asolo on 7 May, the workshop featured the participation of Alessandro Lerro, a lawyer expert on crowdfunding who provided a detailed description of the legal framework in Italy.

Mr Lerro's talk started from an analysis of equity crowdfunding at international level to the current conditions for equity crowdfuning available for startups in Italy, which is the first country in Europe that has a specific law on Equity Crowdfunding.

In terms of financial resources, Equity Crowdfunding has a great potential, representing and important financing instrument for innovative startups and soon for SMEs too. Tommaso D'Onofrio, CEO of AssitecaCrow, one of the few licensed Equity Crowdfunding platforms in Italy, explained how his company is approaching the startup market aiming at known clients to build a successful case history.

After the presentation session, the participants had the opportunity to present their business ideas to the speakers. At the meeting came out that business plan and quality of management of entrepreneurial projects are two key factors on which startups must necessarily focus before applying for equity crowdfunding.