Students from Veneto visit LAKESIDE PARK and BUILD! in Klagenfurt


A group of students from the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice went to Klagenfurt for a Company Visit to Lakeside Park and Build!, a visit organized in collaboration with Elke Beneke, Felicitas Wachschuetze and Karin of EB-Projektmanagement.

The Company visit brought to Klagenfurt 20 students from the University of Venice who met Martin Krch (Project Manager at Lakeside Science & Technology Park Carinthia GmbH) and Markus Setschnagg (Project Manager at Build!). Martin and Markus explained the birth and evolution of the park over the years, in cooperation with the government and the University of Klagenfurt The area today receives and generates businesses and start-ups with a high rate of innovation and great potential for growth.

Students showed particular interest for the fact that at Lakeside Park innovation can be many things, starting from very common ones such as Alex Mann's paper furniture and Burger's Bergaffe versatile sport pipe. Mann and Burger explained what led them to the definition of an innovative idea with the support of Lakeside and Build!
Being next to the local University has always been a great asset for Lakeside and Build!, as explained by Prof. Manfred Pöchacker and Prof. Dr. Erich Schwarz (Dean of the Faculty of Management and Economics, Head of the Institute of Innovation Management), with which they are initiated the first ideas of exchange and cooperation with the University Ca 'Foscari of Venice.

The visit closed with a welcome lunch at LakeSide, site tour and visit to Hafen11 coworking space in Klagenfurt.
The visit has also offered a chance to compare the different service and entrepreneurial ecosystems in which Lakeside and Fondazione la Fornace dell'Innovazione operate.

La Fornace dell'innovazione wants to thank its partners and colleagues in Klagenfurt for the successful visit, whishing that there will be the opportunity to intensify collaboration and exchange between the Austrian and Italian counterparts in the nearby future.