Ideas without borders at TEDx Klagenfurt


TEDx Klagenfurt was held on Saturday 20 September at Hallegg castle, in the outskirts of the Carinthian capital. The event was attended by almost 350 participants coming from Austria, Slovenia and Italy.

Main theme of the 2014 TEDx Klagenfurt edition was “Ethicpreneurs Ahead”, with particular attention given to the startup world. Till Gross, a former basketball player, attended the event as a speaker, sharing with the public his self-learning experience. While recovering from an injury, Till read all the psychology books available in the local library and attended workshops given by the biggest terapists in Europe. Then he used his skills to found "Comfort Zone Crusher" a start-up helping people to face their fears. Equally interesting was the story of Nat Ware, an aussie who after getting his MBA at Oxford University funded "180 degrees consulting", a startup consulting non-profit associations with 18 branches wordlwide. Those are examples of startups who reached important goals choosing an ethic approach.

TED (i.e. Technology, Entertainment, Design) started in 1984 in Monterey, California to spread innovative ideas.  Each TED speaker has 18 minutes to present a discovery, a project or the results achieved with his/her work. TED is then replied around the world with TEDx, a series of independent local events like the one organized in Klagenfurt in the framework of the INCO-NET project.

Visibility is among the strengths of TED. Talks are recorded and shared through different channels, particularly the web. More than 2000 videos have been published so far, with more than 1 bilion views on YouTube and TED's website. A success reached thanks to the contribution of volunteer translators who work to make videos available in more than 100 languages.