Bringing Art to the Business worls: new opportunities for collaboration between Italy and Austria


Tarvisio - Held at Hotel Edelhof, the first meeting of the informal crossborder group Art&Business, was organized by Friuli Innovazione within INCO-NET to gather designers, artists, architects and entrepreneurs from Italy and Austria, who want to defeat the crisis with creativity.
The goal of Art&Business group is to make them work together in an informal way artists and entrepreneurs in the belief that creativity is a powerful lever for generating innovative products and services and ato boost crossborder collaboration between Italy and Austria.
The enthusiasm of the participants in this new INCO-NET initiative by the INCO -NET, is found in the words of two young entrepreneurs Udine, both in their early thirties, who came to Tarvisio to look for new business opportunities and collaboration. "I participated in the Arts&Business group to find new artists to support in converting an idea into a marketable product " - said Andrea Ruffini , a strategic marketing consultant.
Ivan Benatti, a designer operating in the furniture industry, came to Tarvisio to start new partnerships. "Events like this give me the opportunity to meet new potential business partners," - said Ivan - "which is exactly what I need now for my start-up business."
The purpose of this first Art&Business meeting was to know needs and expectations of participants, to set concrete goals and methods of future collaboration fitting the needs of its members. Divided into working groups, participants met each other and got new contacts for their business, thus creating the conditions for future collaborations.

Started with the Tarvisio workshop, the activities of the Art&Business group continue in the upcoming months with other workshops and networking events. More information will be provided on the Events page of this website.