IGO-Innovierbar at the company Europlast in Dellach


Dellach – On Tuesday, 11 September networkers from the Association for Industry and Commerce in Upper
Carinthia (IGO) met at the company Europlast, as part of an Innovierbar event, to learn about, discuss and exchange
experiences on the topics of product development and patenting.
Helmut Kubin (Managing Director Europlast) und Michael Seifter (Works Manager Europlast) gave the participants a tour
of the extensive company premises and also a graphic description of the production process at this innovative company
in Drautal. Since beginning production in 1997, Europlast has continuously developed and is today a leader in injection
molding technology. The company is also a major employer in Upper Carinthia.
Hands-on input was contributed from differing perspectives by DI Manuel Lindner (Managing Director Lindner
Recyclingtech.) and DI Burkhard Schlechter (Patent Office, Vienna), who both spoke of their personal experiences of,
and possible problems connected with, product development and patenting. It became apparent that together, in either a
company alliance or company cooperation, many problems which occur in the area of development and innovation can
be better and more quickly solved.
InnovierBar are events organised by the association IGO, which several times a year act as an information and
communication platform for Carinthian companies. The association, which operates through the Carinthian Development
Agency (EAK), gives support in the area of innovation which is available to companies as a regional point of contact and
network partner in Upper Carinthia.