Female entrepreneurship, regional roundtable in Udine hosted by INCO-NET


The Regional Roundtable for Female Entrepreneurship, organized by Friuli Innovazione in the framework of INCO-NET at the Luigi Danieli Science and Technology Park.

The roundtable was meant to be a preparation meeting for the crossboarder roundtable scheduled on 20 May in Klagenfurt. The meeting was attended by the Chairwoman of the Committee for the promotion of female entrepreneurship Chamber of Commerce of Gorizia and regional coordinator Cinzia Lorenzon, the Chairwoman of the Committee of Chamber of Commerce of Pordenone Rosella Simon, the representative of the Female Group of Confartigianato Udine Francesca Comello and the researcher Linda Miotto of University of Udine, who worked on the project "Database of Female Talents".

"The INCO-NET project is giving us the opportunity to put into practice an idea that we have been thinking about in recent months" - said Cinzia Lorenzon - "creating a network of entrepreneurs from Austria and Slovenia to compare, first, what are the policies and tools available to support female entrepreneurship and to promote international projects that give visibility to women's leadership in business. This regional meeting has been surely important to agree some common point to discuss at the next meeting in Klagenfurt".

"It is important to do more to spread the culture of innovation among our entrepreneurs" - said Rosella Simon - "innovation means not only technology and computer science, but it is a transversal concept applicable to all sectors, including those most traditional of our local economy".