Experience workshop “Operational Processes” company Fischer Edelstahlrohre


The company Fischer Edelstahlrohre under the management of Dr Heinz Paar is one of the leading companies in Austria in the fields of quality management and lean management. This company in Griffen is,especially in the strategic positioning of CIP (continuous improvement process), a benchmark leader.

On 15 January 2013, 10 entrepreneurs form Upper Carinthia and project partners of the interregional project INCO-NET had the opportunity to experience the achievements of Fischer steel technology as part of an experience workshop. The event was personally organised by Dr Paar and reflected the company’s perfect business organisation. The workshop participants were given a presentation at the beginning of the event on the structure of the organisation and the implementation of CIP mechanisms. It is notable that the complete integration of the CIP process up to management level is achieved by key figures. Every employee is actively involved in the system and the achievement of its common objectives. This creates a strong bond within the team to achieve corporate goals.

After the presentation there was a guided tour through the production department of Fischer Edelstahlrohre.
The participants were impressed by how Dr Paar’s theoretical description of the measures and goals of the system were actually put into practice. By consistently implementing the CIP measures, Dr Paar has succeeded, in a very short time, in becoming a leader in his branch in quality and efficiency.

After the guided tour, the participants of the experience workshop ‘Operational Processes’ enjoyed an excellent buffet on the premises of the Fischer company and were able to discuss and exchange information on their impressions of this interesting workshop.