Collaboration between Innovative Startups, meeting of entrepreneurs from Friuli and Veneto regions


Asolo - "Fornace Open Day 2013" was an event organised by Fondazione la Fornace dell'Innovazione Incubatordesigned to showcase local talents and create new partnerships and collaborations between startups and innovative companies from different regions. Friuli Innovazione, Lead Partner of the INCO -NET project, participated to the event with a small group of startuppers from the Friuli region, invited to the event as special guests.

The event, promoted in the framework of INCO -NET,got a positive response from the participating entrepreneurs, who had the chance to meet potential partners.
"At Fornace Open Day I met representatives of four local companies, paving the way to collaboration in the development of new GIS technologies applied to agriculture and mobile services" - says Daniele Gulic owner of the company DerMap.

Fornace Open Day 2013 was attended by innovative SMEs and startups from Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto operating in different industry sectors, joined by the same level of innovation of their products and services. The event also gave Fondazione la Fornace dell'Innovazione the opportunity to present its services offered to support innovative startups taking their first steps into business.