The Art&Business Group

Art&Business is a cross-border group created by Friuli Innovazione within INCO-NET to provide a meeting platform where creativity and entreprenuership can collaborate together and turn creative ideas into new products and services.

The group was created to address a concrete, real need expressed by Ernst Wieser, an Austrian artist and entrepreneur . Mr Wieser was
looking for partners in Italy, to promote his innovative airbrushing technique designed for the Italian scooters "Piaggio Vespa", when he first got into touch with the partners of the INCO-NET project. On the basis of the inputs got by Mr Wieser. a first meeting was organised in Tarvisio on 26 June 2013, on the border between Austria and Italy. The purpose of that first meeting was to screen the needs and expectations of the Austrian and Italian participants in order to find new methods for stimulating collaboration between the art and business worlds at crossborder level.

On the basis of the first meeting, Friuli Innovazione organized a number of workshops bringing together experts from both worlds of art and business, with the aim of presenting examples and best practices on how art and design can make an innovative product or service more usable, successful and easy to understand. A meeting on how building an international partnership was also organised in February 2014, to present useful strategies for starting an international project combining art and business.


The Art&Business Group Meetings

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Participating companies:


"Strategie per i partenariati internazionali", nuovo workshop targato Arte&Impresa


Evento "Art Tech - Intuizioni Innovative"


Workshop Arte&Impresa