Accademia del pulito

Accademia del Pulito comes from the union between the most reliable “anti-stains” technology among many fabric treatments and the new fabrics of the Aurim Spa. Be fascinated by the originality of the colours, by the versatility of this collection, by the wear resistance of the fabrics, and by the easiness of cleaning all kinds of stain.

Learn the secrets of nanotechnology! Accademia del Pulito is like a personal assistant ready to act against domestic stains.

Read and learn the secrets of how to remove even the most persistent stains.


Soft drinks, beeer, vinegar

Dab the stain with water and ammonia (use 1 part of ammonia to 8 parts of water), then rinse out with water and natural soap.


Dry the product with blotting paper or kitchen roll, then use a liquid stain remover or diluted trichloroetylene, and wash gently using shampoo or natural soap.

Adhesives, glue, chewing gum

Striffen the stain using ice and remove as much of the solid as possible, then apply a lubricating solution an let it dry. Repeat if necessary. If the glue stain is already dry, dab with pure alcohol and clean with a spray stain remover. If stains remain wash with water and natural soap.

Butter, oil, candle wax

Dab with blotting paper (or kitchen roll) and hot iron (no steam) then apply a dry-cleaner. If a light mark still remains wash with water and natural soap.


Simply clean by dabbing several times with lukewarm or sparkling water, possibly with a small quantity of natural soap.

Chocolate, fruit ice-cream

Dab with water and ammonia, if the fabric is mainly synthetic put it in the water and alcohol in equal portions. If any stains remain, wash with water and natural soap.

Cosmetics, make-up lipstick

Dab with dilueted natural shampoo, then rinse with water. Alternatively dab with water and ether, or diluted ammonia.


Apply a solution of glycerine and water (50/50) and let it wark for 30/60 minutes, then rinse out with water. Remove any remaining tar or stainswith trichloroetylene and, if necessary, clean with water and natural soap.

Felt-tip pen, ink pen

Dab with pure surgical spirit then wash with water and natural soap.

Sweat, urine

Dab with water and ammonia (50/50), then rinse abundantly with water.


Dab with hot (30/40°C - 84/104°F) lemon juice, then rins out with water and natural soap.


The water-repellent properties of our fabrics comes from a special kind of finishing called nanotex: practically speaking it is a nano (ultra-small) fluorocarbon structure that is fixed directly to the yarn molecules. Contrary to normal fluorocarbon structures which are applied on fabrics like a film that tends to decay with normal use, nanotex finishing fixes each individual molecule to each single yarn. Each molecule is indipendent from the next. The advantage is that damage due to use and washing is restricted to the individual damaged molecule without affecting other neigbouring molecules. The treatment will withstand a high number of washing cycles, in domestic washing machine on 30°C delicate washing cycle.

The benefit of this kind of treatment is that it allows the fabric to remain breathable. In fact, the finishing material does not deposit on the fabric surface like a film, but covers compltely and exclusively the yarns, without closing any spaces among the interlacements of yarns, letting air and water vapour pass freely.