ABiTEX invested on professionals skills. It has on hands 18 double heights jacquard frames (looms) which allow the production of a countless number of patterns with different kinds of yarns. After an accurate market research, we're conceving the CAD drawings that will take shape on our fabrics.


ABiTEX invested on technology. We dispose of a plotter ink jet wich allow us to digital print on most of our bottom (background) fabrics, offering the highest personalization yet with low lenghts.


ABiTEX invested on quality. Through the years it has been equiped with significant machinery creating his own workshop for fabric analysis. Before entry in the warehouse all products are tested:

  • washing and shrinkage

  • colors fastness to crockmeter friction

  • traction with dynamometer

  • martindale friction

  • light resistance

  • early aging through hydrolysis

  • flexometer

ABiTEX invested on efficiency. Disposing of a warehouse of 1.700.000 meters of fabrics and an automatic line system for cutting, marking and stocking, we can guarantee fast deliveries. The new software allow us to track every single meter for a period of 12 months.


ABiTEX invested on cooperation. We offer consulting service for the study of pattern books and experties colouring.


ABiTEX invested on assistance. A pool of experties is on your disposal to guarantee you a satisfactory service.